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Computer Repair Services from the Experts

From the simple migration of an operating system of a traditional mechanical hard drive to the faster and more reliable SSD (Solid State Drives), to removal of Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Ransomware and other infections from your computer, we can expertly do the job.

IT Project Management, IT Consulting and management

Propeller Head Technology can help you come up with cost-effective IT solutions that don’t cost the earth and at the same time you have the reassurance that what will be put in place will pass the test of time without  being out-dated soon after implementation.

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Computer Hardware Services

Remote Desktop Support

Propeller Head Technology has long standing relationships and partnerships with a whole range of technology vendors.  We supply computer hardware of all descriptions, from Desktop PC’s to Servers, Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablet PC’s, to a wide variety of Printers, Routers, Switches and other peripheral devices.

There are various secure remote control applications on the market that are quick and easy to install and can give our technicians access to remotely control your computer, notebook, tablet, or even smartphone.  Via such Remote Control Software, we can fix, repair and configure 95% of all software-related issues. 

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Software and Software Licensing

Whatever your requirements may be, in accounting, productivity, operating systems, graphics, tools & utilities, our expertise in software and software titles is insurmountable.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft takes all the pain of setting up, maintaining and implementing such large-scale IT infrastructure for the price of a small monthly fee, but paid annually on the anniversary date.  For less than 2 lattes’ a month, Microsoft can host all your emails, documents, files and more in the ‘Cloud’, i.e. the internet.




Product Catalogue

Norton Security Deluxe OEM (1-3 Devices), 1 Year, Digital Download (No CD Media)          $21

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Reliable Computer Services Mount Waverly

Propeller Head Technology started trading in 1995 and was taken over by Power Dream Pty Ltd in 2018. The year Windows95 was launched in what at the time was perhaps one of the most anticipated operating system that everyone wanted to own and experience.  People were lining the streets as the product hit the market on August 24th 1995 at the stroke of mid-night, when then Propeller Head was less than 2 months old.  We have been riding this wave ever since, in all its iterations and transformations.  The speed of change since has only accelerated and is heading toward a singularity - as most commonly defined, is a point at which expected rules break down.  But we are not here for this.  We are here as your “Trusted Advisor” to guide you through this maze and hope at the same time to amaze you with the wonders technology has to offer you, your family and your career/business.

Today the operating system has been overtaken by the browser and the infamous ‘Cloud’.  The Operating System and the platform itself is becoming redundant before our very eyes.  Our business model and our service offerings wax and wane as the technology is morphing into whatever it is becoming.  Being at the forefront of such change and having the experience behind us has enabled us to educate, advise and recommend whatever is deemed reliable and accessible for you, our customer.  We have become much more than just a Hardware and Software supplier.  We offer end-to-end solutions for existing and new business, from the simple home user to the larger enterprise. Apart from upgrading computer systems, we offer System Design, Security, Cloud Services, Managed Services, Consulting and so much more.

A dedicated computer hardware supplier, Propeller Head can source and supply all forms of Computer Hardware, Software, Licensing and Subscription Services. We also offer Repairs, Upgrades, Maintenance and Installation of Networks as well as Technical and Helpdesk Support. We are also a Microsoft Office365 Cloud Partner and can offer a wide range of products in this area and more, including Cloud Accounting Solutions, Storage and Backup and more. With our computer parts store online, we make it easier and more convenient for our valued customers.





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