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With over 20 Years of experience and knowledge of being in the IT industry, seeing all the exponential growth and changes has enabled us to undertake quite a number of specialised IT projects. Some of these projects include digitising the production, editing the Australian Survivor Series, implementing a warehousing solution with RF ID, and implementing Cloud and Cloud-Based Computing and putting into the hands of our customers. We can also help setup wireless networks.

Not sure? Want a second opinion? Want a better solution? Is there a better way?  The technological landscape is vast and growing every day.  Not only does the rate of growth need consideration, but also the rate of change.  How do you future-proof your business, your operations and your processes? Who can you turn to and get a glimpse, at least an inkling of understanding, of what is out there, what works or has worked before, and establishing a trustworthy relationship with someone with the experience, the knowledge, the contacts and the integrity?  With Propeller Head on your side, you have all this and more.

Propeller Head Technology can help you come up with cost-effective IT solutions that don’t cost the earth and at the same time you have the reassurance that what will be put in place will pass the test of time without  being out-dated soon after implementation.  We can come up with the solutions, coordinate and project manage it and at the same time implement and support you throughout the deployment with A1 aftersales service.  We are here for the long term and we are here to help. We are only a phone call or an email away. Rest assured we will be on to it.  Longevity, History and Integrity are rare in this industry sector. Propeller Head Technology has seen it all and can therefore advise, guide and help you along the way. Just give us a chance to prove to you our capabilities that stretch far and wide.