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The Logitech G613 Gaming Keyboard combines the performance of mechanical switches with the convenience of wireless connectivity for an efficient experience when you're gaming, coding or just writing emails. It features Romer-G mechanical switches which contain dual contact points, providing a more accurate typing experience and helping to reduce errors like double clicks.

  • The keyboard has a comfortably spaced design so you'll be able to type with ease.
  • It features 6 G-keys which you can program to complete custom macros and commands.
  • It is battery powered and can provide up to 18 months of performance between battery changes.
  • You can choose to connect wirelessly or via Bluetooth, allowing you to switch between typing on different devices.
  • It uses Logitech Lightspeed connectivity to provide a 1 ms report rate.
  • You can customise your G-keys to complete a different task based on the game or app that you're using for added efficiency.

Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard


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